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Living in Japan. Easy.

We will help you find a place to live in Japan.
From Apartment to Housing, hand-picked for you!

Foreigner Friendly

We know how hard it is to find property in Japan as foreigners. We are foreigner friendly, and we curate properties that accept foreigners.

No language barrier

We are an international friendly company. The official language of our company is English.

Free Consultation

Our consulting service is free, and you can ask anything you want.

How we helps

Find foreigner-friendly living place.

Settling in a new country is not easy, but don’t worry we will help you with that.

Foreign Community

Routine Event


How it works

3 Steps to your next wonderful living place

Free consultation

Get free consultation with us.

Pick your favorite

We hand-picked the most suitable living place based on your preference, or you can visit the place with us!

Moving in!

Pack your bag, we will handle the rest!

Hear from other foreigner.

Find The Best Living Place for Foreigner